Artist Statement

Bee Circle Vase

Artist Statement
Julie Calhoun-Roepnack
JCR Designs

Drawing and painting at every opportunity from early childhood defined me. As a maturing artist I eventually expanded into 3-D media, primarily clay. The abundance of colors and textures appearing seasonally in nature has always captivated me. This fascination with variety is featured in the work I produce today.

While showcasing and marketing my pottery at various mountain galleries I developed an intense interest in Classic Arts and Crafts period and the furniture produced during that era. After acquiring several pieces, I began designing specific items of pottery to complement my furniture. My objective is to create original designs that recapture the warm sentiment achieved during the Arts and Crafts period. Integrating mat, earth tones with colored glazes and innovative techniques using carving, handmade impressions and scraffito, characterize my signature works. Although finely detailed, my pottery is very durable with its peak firing temperature reaching over 2100. It is also very functional. The interior of my pots are always lined with a gloss glaze to allow them to hold liquids.

Examples of my limited edition images may include a family of bears seeking shelter, a group of honey bees on a honeycomb, or the solitude of a single iris nestled in greenery. The underside of each original piece is etched with my shop mark- JCR in a cuneiform style. Collectors immediately recognize these distinctive initials and are assured of the authenticity and quality of the items.